Vinnytsia: a walnut garden was planted over 700 hectares

Today on the territory of Vinnytsia region, walnut seedlings of foreign selection were planted on the area of 710 ha, the area will be irrigated according to

As a whole, the volume of investments made since 2015 totaled to 227 million USD. Since the beginning of 2018 2.5 million UAH have been used.

«In the framework of project the irrigation system is renewed. The developed project documentation estimated 240 thousand UAN. The cost of restoration of the system will be more than 4 million UAH. Pump stations, electric lines and transformer substations, central lines have already been restored. More than 2 km of new internal irrigation system is installed. Watering will be carried out on the area of 710 hectares, «clarifies the press-service of Vinnytsia regional State administration.

According to her information, the project is implemented by Ukrainian walnut LLC within the framework of the investment project initiated in 2015.

«Every year walnut harvest amounts to 100 thousand tones. Vinnytsia region is the producer of 3 out of 6 thousand tones. Two-thirds of the harvest goes to export,» said the head of the Vinnitsa Regional Administration Valeriy Koroviy. He also noted that Ukrainian climate and quality of soil are better, therefore Ukrainian walnuts a better in comparison with American or Chinese.

As it turns out, the area of ​​ walnut trees in the Vinnytsia region today exceeds 2 thousand hectares, 1 thousand hectares are fructiferous, yields in the previous year reached 60 c / ha.