Ukraine plans to export 40 thous. tons of fresh and frozen berries

Ukraine has become one of the most important partners on the fresh and frozen berries market in the European Union. So, Ukrainian apples are gaining popularity on the world market, writes with the reference to the press service of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation. Switzerland stands out stands out among priority directions of export. This was stated by the commercial director of AUSP Fruit Vladimir Hyrzhiy. He noted that it is the number one market among the civilized and respectable export.

Great Britain, Netherlands, and Germany are also interesting markets for the sale of Ukrainian apples and people there know our products. The German buyer, as a rule, consumes the produce himself. And the Netherland and the French ones resale our apples.

As the representative of the company says, it is not enough to grow them in large volumes for the successful sale of fruits. The main role is played by a qualitative logistic chain: post-harvest storage, packaging, transportation, etc. Such an infrastructure in the sales segment of apples is more or less well established. Especially compared to berries.

For example, apart from apples, Ukrainian sweet cherries and blueberries are popular. But the period of their sales by domestic producers is limited to about two weeks because there are practically no professional storage facilities for these berries.

«This impedes effective sales. For example, professional operators in world markets are delivering their cherries for 50, and sometimes 70 days,» says expert.

It should be noted that last year Ukraine exported about 35 thousand tons of fresh and frozen berries. This year the expected volumes are 40 thousand tons.