Ukraine can enter the top ten largest cranberry producers

Ukraine can enter the top 10 countries that grow cranberries, reports Pro-Consulting. According to analysts, last year harvest totalled to 338 tons of berries in Ukraine. However, the potential is much larger — for example, in 2013, they collected 800 cranberries.

It all depends on the method of collection. Ukrainians collect berries manually in the forests and in the world cranberries are grown on plantations and are harvested industrially. These reasons serve as the basis for the decline of cranberry production in recent years in Ukraine.

Industry experts advise Ukrainian producers of berries to target Belarus and Latvia. These countries last year collected 451 and 344 tons of cranberries respectively. Thus they outfooted  Ukraine and Macedonia. The latter collected 303 tons of these berries in 2017.

Analysts note that cranberry plantations are a promising branch of berry growing, given the spread of ideas about healthy eating in society. In addition, new farms can receive state support in the framework of the program for 2017-2021 years.

Cranberries also have «climatic» pros. It loves moisture and is not afraid of frost. It grows in the northern regions and yields of up to 60 years.