Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most promising sectors of the Ukraine’s economics, e.g., aircraft industry maintains its leading position on the international market despite underinvestnent. The industry comprises about 11,000 companies and it would be good idea to modernize them. The NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS team aim to look for both domestic and international investors to facilitate business optimization.


Main issues to be handled:

  • Insufficient implementation of the practices and suggestions outlined in the enterprises’ research databases 
  • Little to no innovations, which results in no use of low-waste and resource-saving processes
  • Obsolete equipment which slows down the production process and prevents stable work
  • Underinvestment in high-tech technology for machinery production


Our solutions:

  • To adapt the European standards of engineering: increase in corporate responsibility, resource-saving and eco-efficient technologies 
  • To introduce high quality standards to attract investments by venture funds
  • To involve government assistance, e.g. by introduction of tax relief for manufacturing innovations, simplification of documentary procedures, generation of domestic demand for mechanical engineering products


The NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS team aims to facilitate the development of the mechanical engineering innovative infrastructure. The above listed solutions will enable the industry to reduce the cost as well as increase export to the international market.