Economic challenges? Innovative solutions!


Well-known and respected American professor James Gwartney, co-author of the Index of Economic Freedom, believes that the Ukrainians are successful worldwide except in Ukraine. Up to date Ukraine is on the bottom of the list of countries according to economic freedom. Nevertheless, it is expected that the situation will improve in the nearest time.

According to the Forbes ranking, Ukraine is listed  along with the countries that are attractive for doing profitable business and efficient investing. The involvement of venture capital funds, state grants, and private business angels are time-tested opportunities to raise more investments.

Over a short period of time, the newest developments and achievements in the use of cryptocurrencies changed the way of thinking of common Ukrainians as regards investment ways and opportunities as well methods of payment. Ukraine cannot but be involved into such interesting and lucrative innovative processes.

Apparently, the Ukraine’s economic performance is going to boost due some advantageous factors.  The initiative team of NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS are doing the groundwork for the rapid economic development in the most prospective areas of economics.

For those purposes, the state company facilitates promotion of innovative projects and promising startups, protects socially unique and creative individuals born both in Ukraine and abroad.

To work out innovative strategy, the following steps should taken:

  • To attract investments and share information among the community on the feasibility of projects
  • To prevent migration of talented Ukrainians abroad
  • To attract interest of Ukrainian businessmen to investing into innovative projects
  • To minimize risks by means of state support and special government programs
  • To assist in realization of Ukrainians’ potential both domestically and internationally

The state company NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS plans to attract investments from western partners for additional stimulating measures, namely:

  • To support active/promising startups that come up with creative and interesting how-hows
  • To realize and support promising innovative projects
  • To arrange and hold various educational scientific and business conferences, seminars, forums, etc.
  • To arrange dedicated exhibitions so that talented individuals, creative teams, and prospective businesses could announce their progress in innovative areas
  • To draft databases of potential investors and startups.

NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS specializes in arranging extremely influential events of international scale, Currently, the state company is preparing Blockchain Technology and New Opportunities for Business in Ukraine Conference.

The event is aimed to boost the development of Ukrainian business environment, bring together  creative-minded state officials, and facilitate both economic and financial transformations through innovative solutions and latest IT technologies (Blockchain, etc.) in the most active areas of economics.

In general, the NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS’ priority lies in the following:

  • To  realize Ukraine’s IT technology potential
  • To facilitate implementation of ultra-new technologies and innovations in agricultural sector of Ukraine
  • To reveal  unique potential of the Ukrainian mechanical engineering both domestically and internationally
  • To boost the energy potential of Ukraine by applying advanced and eco-unique technologies
  • To assist and in every way support talented and creative individuals, namely, designers, developers of innovative projects as well as businessmen interested in implementation of know-hows.

NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS is set to monitor the needs of creative individuals as well as teams to support the progress of their businesses.