Energy Industry

Energy industry covers all areas of production and significantly impacts Ukrainians’ life. Modernization of the energy generation is another step towards entering the international market. Moreover, it stands as an urgent problem of Ukraine’s economy and natural environment. Implementation of innovative energy-saving technologies is among NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS priority tasks.


Worldwide Trends in Energy Industry

  • Development of energy saving programs by the state and companies as well 
  • Decentralization and involvement of private households. By 2035, EU plans to cover up to 50% of households to encourage competition and prompt solving of the regular power supply problem
  • Use of alternative energy sources: wind and sun power and others


Ukraine’s achievements in energy industry

Since early 2015, more than EUR 360 mio of investment has been raised for installing equipment able to produce 361 MW of renewable electric power energy. About EUR 800 mio has been invested in green projects within the latest three years. The Interactive Map of Renewable Energy in Ukraine shows several new projects in progress worth of EUR 1.2 bln.


Problems of Ukrainian energy industry

  • Energy consumption. Because of outdated equipment, the cost of generated power is too high
  • Environmental problem. TPPs emissions total about 30% of all solid particles leaking into the atmosphere due to human economic activity. Insufficient adaptation to modern environmental conditions  evidences to Ukraine’s backwardness
  • Energy dependence and low integration of alternative energy sources. Eighty per cent of consumed oil products (80% of them are of Russian origin) are imported ones


Our solutions:

  • To modernize equipment to cost-effectively optimize the end-use of power
  • To apply three methods of technological diversification, namely:

             — innovative energy saving technologies

             — innovative energy generation technologies

             — innovative technologies for processing and use of energy resources

  • To develop technology for minimization of the environmental damage: circulating fluidized bed, intra-cyclic coal gasification, coal-water suspension
  • To develop alternative energy resources:

             —  Biomass based energy product (agricultural waste, straw, organic solid household waste)

             —  Free energy (energy of the sun, wind, etc.)

  • To develop and utilize heat pump plant to reduce the amount of consumed organic fuel as well as CO2 emissions


The NATIONAL INNOVATION PROJECTS team aim to facilitate promotion of the national energy saving projects.